Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Thirty-One: Once Upon A Time

It's time to say goodbye to The Doctor and Amy till Christmas 2010. Here at The Happiness Patrol that means Season Wrap Up Time!!
Season 5 proved to be a very memorable year for Doctor Who. We've seen new aliens,
re-united with old friends and got to hang out in a brand new Tardis.
But more than that, we've seen a fantastic story arch from Steven Moffat that has really, in short, taken our collective breath away.

On this episode of The Happiness Patrol, recorded on July 4th, we see Lela in Las Vegas, Dale happy at home, Lewis ready for action and our Tara, well...she had to bow out because she was too sick to knit. TOO SICK TO KNIT! (that's pretty sick, if you know anything about our Tara!) So, we have a special stand in for her this week, Ms. Nancy A. our HP Correspondent from San Fransisco.

So sit back, relax and help us celebrate the end of a season that was full of promise and fun on...

The Happiness Patrol Episode Thirty-One: Once Upon A Time


  1. Guess what... I agree with Dale (now there's a shocker).

  2. Hate to tell you guys, but The Descent Part 2 was directed by Jon Harris, not Neil Marshall. Neil was only Executive Producer on that project.
    You may need to re-evaluate the winner of Axelle's book.

  3. Close enough for The Happiness Patrol, Joe!
    But, here's the big question: Why didn't you email us first???

    Thanks for listening!
    Lewis B.

  4. Sorry about that. I just started listening to the podcast 2 weeks ago. I love it, by the way. I just did a Google search, and this page was the first that came up.
    Horror is my first passion. I even work for Kane Hodder (Jason from thhe Friday the 13th films) LOL.
    I heard the giveaway results about Neil and my red flags went up.

    Keep up the good work, guys. Great show.

  5. I have more than one fandom, I'm a brand spankin' new, still got the shrinkwrap on me Whovian....but what I've learned from being a fan girl is this....

    EVERY fan of EVERYTHING is nit picky. LOL