Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ten Questions For The Happiness Patrol: Part 1

It's the dog days of Summer here in the US and The Happiness Patrol is taking a few weeks for Summer Break!
BUT, never fear, while we are on holiday you still get Happiness!
And today's Happiness comes in the form of VIDEO!

That's right! It's the first installment of "Ten Questions for The Happiness Patrol!"

We wanna thank everyone who sent in questions to make this video possible.

You'll hear and see The Happiness Patrol tackle the tough questions like...
"What prop would you like to have from Doctor Who?" and
"What's your worst habit?"
So here are the results! Sit back and WATCH...

Ten Questions For The Happiness Patrol: Part 1

And make sure to come back next week when we feature DALE W. in Part 2!
(you don't wanna miss it!)

Happy Summer!
Lewis B.

1 comment:

  1. Great video - nice to see you guys on camera.
    Thanks also for including my question - Q4

    Cheers, Dave Cooper - daveac - co-host of The Cultdom Collective Podcast