Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Happiness Patrol's First Annual Spookfest

Happy Halloween everyone!
We here at The Happiness Patrol love Halloween almost as much as we love Doctor Who! SO...we thought, hey, let's combine the two!
So, we dug out our best costumes from the old closet, invited a few friends, loaded up the car and headed out to old man Turnet's place. (first name: I. N.)
So join The Happiness Patrol and our extra lovely 'Spooky' guests, Sam Stone, David J. Howe, Trudy M, Andre T, Sheri S, Michelle H. and other strange and frightful ghouls and ghosts as we celebrate the season!
Prepare to listen with headphones for full stereo spooktacular sound!
...DON'T listen by yourself!

(yeah, right)

So sit back, try the punch, and get ready for
The Happiness Patrol's First Annual Spookfest


  1. Erm... anyone heading back to London? Kinda missed the last bus, and I'm NOT staying here all night!

  2. hELLO?? WHERE'D EVERYONE GO?? I was waiting for karaoke to start

  3. LOVE all the talk of Chicago TARDIS, I'll be looking for ya'll!

  4. Well I didn't even get there....last time I take directions from 4 teenagers and a dog in a green van... Pesky Kids!!!