Monday, November 8, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Four: Tardis of The Desert

The latest update on Doctor Who in Utah is this: there is no update...only unverified rumors of locations and dates.
And until we have facts, I really don't feel comfortable sending anyone into the desert on a wild goose chase.
But when we have facts, we will pass them along. Until then we at The Happiness Patrol welcome the return of Pick Of The Week!
Tara, Lela, Dale and I witter on about Doctor Who Episodes that might just make your day.
We also address Paul McGann and his latest fancy duds.
There is a new Doctor Who Exhibit coming to London in February 2011.
The time change has caused havoc on all of us and our 1st anniversary of The Happiness Patrol Podcast is coming this month!
Oh, and least we forget, we here at The Happiness Patrol have a HOTLINE you can call for feedback!
That's right, you can give us a call and leave a message of any sort. MAYBE you'll make it on the next podcast.
(ya never know!)
The Happiness Patrol Hotline is:
970 325 3569 or 970 DALEK 69

(how cool is that?)

So sit back relax and enjoy this week's episode...

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Four: Tardis of The Desert


  1. do u all remember the very first episode of dr who you saw. the one that caught your attention and made u the whovian you are?

  2. ROCK CLIMBING and "Slow the Plot Down" in one episode. (Although I often prefer "Only Love Pads the (Serial)" for Doctor Who as it's more affectionate.)

    In California they only have call boxes on desert freeways, not blue police boxes. Hrmph.