Monday, December 13, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Eight: Hide Your Toys

The stockings are hung, the tree is decorated, the eggnog is fresh, and The Happiness Patrol is making a list and checking it more than a few times! We put the X in Xmas on this week's episode featuring our special guest Mr. Randall Thomas joining us to talk about Doctor Who Toys!
Also as we get ready for Father Xmas, it just wouldn't be right if we didn't discuss the Doctor Who tradition of Christmas Specials!
The Patrol hits it hard to find out which special is truly special
and which is just another 'K9 and Company' ZING!

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The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Eight: Hide Your Toys


  1. Why hasn't this been pushed to iTunes?

  2. In case you all would like to hear it, there is actually surviving audio from "The Feast of Steven" (and the rest of the missing episodes from that serial). There's an amateur reconstruction of it (using the surviving audio) here:

    And part 2 here (the bit with the Christmas greeting from Hartnell is at about 10:08):

  3. oooooooo~ Thanks Melissa!
    You just earned a mention in the next podcast!

    Merry Xmas!
    Lewis B.