Monday, January 31, 2011

Episode 54: MONSTERS!

Episode 54 of The Happiness Patrol takes a cold hard look at what scares you in Doctor Who. Dale, Lewis, Lela and Tara let you know what monster from Who makes them run and hide behind the sofa (couch).
Also on this weeks episode, Alfred E. Newman makes his first appearance on The Happiness Patrol this week.
*believe it or not
Continuing with our 'Countdown To Gally' segment, The Happiness Patrol announces it's first annual 'The Happiness Patrol TIME-CRASH Dance Party!' Friday night at the Gallifrey 22 Doctor Who Convention. So get ready to get down with the 'cool kids'.

All this and more on Episode 54: MONSTERS!

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  1. Just started listening to your podcast. Great stuff so far. Love the format and discussions. Never been to Gallifrey, so nice to hear about it. Listening to the episode with Ken Deep right now.

    Thanks for the podcast.