Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Help Auntie Tara to Win.

Shameless self promotion instead of our regular podcast.
As many of you already know, Tara W. has a wonderful Tardis. Earlier this month
she hauled it from her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California for the
Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention.
As you might ALSO know, The BBCA is having a little competition called 'Where's The Tardis'
where people can go and show off their 'Pizza Tardis' or 'Snow Tardis' (go Sherri) or...

if you are nuts like Tara and myself,
your self built, full size Tardis!

There are a certain number of rules that need to be followed in order for the contest to be won,
but, the biggest factor here seems to be the number of votes a Tardis gets.

This, good people, is where you come into play.

Follow this link and click on the 'LIKE' button and cast your vote for Tara's Tardis
and make The Happiness Patrol just a little more HAPPY!


Here are a few videos of her grand Blue Box.

From Dragon Con in Atlanta in 2009

From Gallifrey 2009...This video is from the first time I met Tara and David.

Tara and her Tardis on Craig Ferguson.
very cool.

So what are you waiting for??? Go vote for Tara and her beautiful Blue Box.

Lewis B.

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