Monday, June 18, 2012

Episode 90: It's LELA DAY!

It's a special day today on The Happiness Patrol.  Today marks the return of our wayward child and un official 'face' of The Happiness Patrol, Ms Lela S.

Lela has been away for awhile because of school, work, and the things that keep an average college age girl busy...LIKE GETTING READY TO GO TO LONDON FOR THE SUMMER!

But we're not jealous, oh no...we are all happy for her.   We get to live vicariously thru her adventures!

So relax with Dale, Nancy, Lewis and Lela as we discuss Lela's trip to the UK, Doctor Who News, and our 'Pick-Of-The-Week'.

It's all cool, and do you know why?
Because THIS week on The Happiness Patrol, IT'S LELA DAY

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  1. It'd be impressive if Dale managed to recite the entire HADS scene merely from reviewing the Krotons DVD. But I bet that, as a child, he audio-taped Melvyn Bragg's "Whose Doctor Who?" off the TV and listened to it over and over until it was seared into his memory.

    "Oh dear, I've been working in square roots. Er, could I have that again, please?"