Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Episode 96: Sixshooters and Eggships

Whoa Nellie!  What a great show 'A Town Called Mercy' was!  We watched it and had a few different opinions about it, but overall; we loved it.

It's Doctor Who, fer crying out loud, OF COURSE we're gonna love it!

We've only got two more before the Christmas episode, so we need to enjoy every second of it!

Dale, Nancy, Lela and Lewis do their thing this week WAY OUT WEST, so sit back, relax and enjoy...  The Happiness Patrol Episode 96: Sixshooters and Eggships

1 comment:

  1. I listened to my very first episode of The Happiness Patrol today - wahoo! Loved you work. I am now scurrying off to iTunes to download more!

    On A Town Called Mercy - I agree with Lela (I think it was Lela - I need to learn your voices) - It was good, but something just didn't sit right and I still haven't been able to pin it down. Not even a ramble on my own blog could figure it out. *sigh*

    Toodles from Down Under!