Thursday, April 11, 2013

Episode 107: Welcome to the Snogbox

Changes, changes...seems to be the only thing constant these days and we at The Happiness Patrol are not immune.
Our very own Dale Who has decided to leave the podcast to pursue other interests. Dale has been a huge part of the success of the podcast and will be sorely missed. Those of you who have been regular listeners have come to look forward to his witty comments and piss-takes on everything from "Doctor Who Fans," "Ukulele Music," and "Uncle Lew's Singing" episode after episode. But it's all in good fun...because I have never met a bigger advocate for the program itself. Time and time again, he has been the champion of Doctor Who.
So this week we say a fond farewell to our cohort from across the pond AND Lewis, Nancy, and Michelle discuss The Rings of Akhaten all on this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 107:Welcome to the Snogbox

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  1. I'm so embarrased! I said "The Two Doctors" when I ment "The Three Doctors".

    Please forgive me.

    - Michelle H