Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Gally Blur 2014

Well another Gallifrey One Convention has come and gone.  Friends met, ate and drank together, geeked out together, and help spend each others money on toys, books, and autographs.  MUCHO fun had by all! 

The Happiness Patrol witnessed it all, all four of us were there this year as well as most of our reporters from other cities...plus Tara and Lela!  It was great!  AND it was a BLUR!  Thank you all for coming out and making it a very memorable Gally!

Join Nancy A and myself Lewis B as we try to remember the highlights on this weeks

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  1. If anybody is wondering what that is a picture of. It's an empty space suit (the actual one from the show!) and you are looking through the back of the suit through the neck hole at the carpet in the LAX Marriott.