Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twelve: TARDIS Talk

On this episode of The Happiness Patrol, we talk on and on and on and on about every body's favorite big blue box. The Doctor's time/space machine, The Tardis.
Dale and Tara both have one in their homes. Lewis built one and is building another, and Lela is supposed to get a small one soon!
From the first Doctor to the current Doctor, it's the one thing in Doctor Who that has stayed the same, sorta, for all these's iconic, it reliable, usually, and we love it! WE REALLY LOVE IT!!!!
So, sit back and get ready for this one, it's chock full of tid-bits on the Tardis and it's just over an hour long!

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twelve: Tardis Talk

It's our Valentine to The Tardis!
Lewis B.

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