Monday, April 5, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Nineteen: Fry Me Something...ANYTHING!

The Eleventh Hour is the title to the debut episode of the latest season of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor. Steven Moffet leads us into a new era of Doctor Who the likes we haven't seen since 2005 with 'Rose'.
The Happiness Patrol is on top of things, as you might expect, with a review and insights and gives you a feel for what to expect in the next 12 weeks of new WHO.
PLUS, our San Francisco correspondent, Nancy Alegria, gives us an insider's view of WONDERCON and more specifically, the US debut of 'The Eleventh Hour'.
It's a new Doctor, it's a new companion, it's a new theme, it's a brand new Tardis, it''s...well, sit back in your favorite comfy chair, relax and put your feet up because, The Happiness Patrol is gonna give it to ya! EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW (and then some) about...


in this week's episode: FRY ME SOMETHING...ANYTHING!!!

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  1. What a fantastic podcast! I truly loved and it actually felt quite happy after hearing it. I only listen to a handful of Doctor Who podcasts (as most are not my tastes)so I have been very picky about adding more. Your podcast is truly the exception, and after listening to it at work, I couldn't wait to get home to my computer to subscribe. I can't wait until the next podcast!
    -Tonia... aka JahRose