Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Two: Kinky Shoes and The Norton Invasion

On this weeks episode of The Happiness Patrol we take a look at The Weeping Angels of Old....can't take our eyes off them.
Fab red shoes are taking our breath away, Amy has to out-smart an angel and The Doctor is dealing with an 'Angel' of his own.
River Song makes her amazing reappearance, shows us a thing or two in the Tardis, and leads an away team of HOLY WARRIORS, and looks fab while doing so. It's part one of THE TIME OF ANGELS, the 4th episode of this series and so far, they just keep getting better.
Lela, Dale, Tara and I give you our opinions and review, plus, Dale tells us about the BBC snafu, and why Graham Norton just might be the most hated man in Doctor Who fandom.
So sit back and have a cold one on us (unless you're driving) and enjoy Episode 22 of The Happiness Patrol...

Kinky Shoes and The Norton Invasion!

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See ya next week!
Lewis B.


  1. Hi Tara - We met back at DragonCon last year (I'm wombatknitter from Ravelry) and it took me this long to find the podcast. I've been listening to past episodes this past week, trying to catch up with y'all.

    I must add my experience with BBC America's abomination of the first episode. We had watched the version with limited commercial interruption twice the first night it aired and then, on the repeat night later in the week, I wanted my 13-year-old Amy Pond look-alike to see it. (note that we had also a copy of the original airing but it had a glitch after the first ten minutes or so and she had at least seen that much). Whilst watching the crappy BBC-American botching, we began screaming at the television whenever we realized things had been cut. My SO was upstairs and he came down to see what was going on and he ended up having to put earphones on to block us out because we yelled so much. I was appalled beyond words!

    A couple of other tidbits - I also caught the parallel with The Ring. I've watched twice and can't believe I missed the "hazzard" sign. (Do you know that one year whilst traveling to Florida, there were DOT signs in South Georgia with it spelled that way, too? *headdesk*

    Off to listen to some back episodes now. :-)