Monday, May 10, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Four: Chickens AHOY!

It's a review of 'The Vampires of Venice', it's an interview with a vampire (writer) and her lovable but kooky Whovian fella, it's a romp thru favorite horror movies and vampire lore, and, it's a chance to get the answer to the question: "WHAT'S WITH ALL THE CHICKENS????"
On this episode of The Happiness Patrol, our very special guests, Sam Stone and David J Howe, help us review 'The Vampires of Venice'. Along the way we learn all kinds of things about the writing process, collecting, and what makes a book successful.

SAM STONE is a very wonderful person who happens to write some scary books! 'Killing Kiss' is the first book in her VAMPIRE GENE trilogy and here at The Happiness Patrol, we highly recommend it!

DAVID J HOWE is a writer and publisher of Doctor Who books including 'Howe's Transcendental Toybox Update Number 3: The Complete Guide to 2006-2008 Doctor Who Merchandise' and other cool guide books that explore the world of Doctor Who.

So, relax and have a cuppa and join The Happiness Patrol on this journey thru time, space, and chickens. CHICKENS?


The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Four: Chickens AHOY!

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  1. From one DW fan to another: read Sam's books! They are amazing... :D

    And as for a Sam Stone DW story.. oh yes per-lease!