Monday, May 3, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Three: Turn To Stone

The total run time on this Happiness Patrol episode is 31 minutes and 14 seconds of pure joy! Lela and Tara wake up to review 'Flesh and Stone', part two of Steven Moffet's epic return of The Weeping Angels AND...the return of River Song.
Dale is his usual joyful self and I, your humble host, try to to keep it all together and maintain a somewhat respectful and informative (on topic) podcast.
Along the way there is Gidget, K-9, Dave Mitchell, 'Federation Pajama Wearers' and abit of Jar Jar Binks (unless I edited it out)
So sit back, download, subscribe (iTunes) or just listen at your computer while The Happiness Patrol reviews 'Flesh and Stone'...on this week's episode:

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Three: Turn To Stone

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Lewis B.

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  1. Other rooms?

    TV Movie: we saw the Eye of Harmony in what I believe was the Cloister Room.

    In The Christmas Invasion we had seen the Wardrobe Room, which we also saw in Colin's and Sylv's first episodes.

    In the Fifth Doctor's era we saw a number of rooms for the companions.