Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Thirty-Eight: Dragon Con 2010

Dragon Con...the biggest geek fest the south has ever seen. So, it's only natural that The Happiness Patrol crashes the party!
Lewis B. and his Disasternaut friends (don't ask) party it up and get geeky at Trader Vics, the best Tiki Bar in downtown Atlanta!
We drink Mai Tai's, talk to RPG geeks, meet chicks at the bar, watch gay boys prance around in Angora, and talk garage rock with a member of The 45's.

AND, the subject of Doctor Who comes up every now and then!

So, come spend a drunken night with Uncle Lew and friends as we take on Dragon drink at a time on this edition of...

The Happiness Patrol Episode Thirty-Eight: Dragon Con 2010


  1. Lou, you've got to stop ragging on gamers like that. Some of us have been gaming for as long as we've been watching the Doctor.

    BTW: the husband came up with a nice recipe for a Sonic Screwdriver (version for 10)

    1 part Blue Curacao
    2 parts Vodka
    Tonic Water to taste

    Before you make the obvious joke about ommitting the Tonic, it's important that it's there, because is fluoresces blue under black light.

    The version for Eleven might be a bit of a puzzle, because the tonic water really mixes well with citrus flavor, but I'm not sure it would work with either mint or melon flavor...

    - Lise

  2. That sounds like a good recipe...I do mine very close, BUT, I and abit of OJ and a splash of's a Screwdriver, btw! ;)
    As far as gamers go...ya should have heard the shit I had to edit out!
    WHOA NELLY! But, after it was all said and done, they seemed ok, just opinionated like obsessive people can be! ;)
    Thanks for listening!