Monday, September 20, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Presents: Who Tattoos!

To celebrate Tara's Tattooing, we put the word out for our listeners to send us photos of their 'WHO' related tattoos.
Here's our first one from Natasha T.

Can ya read it?? It's located on her left inner arm and she said it didn't hurt one bit!
Rock on Natasha!
Here's a Gallifreyan 'Tramp Stamp' 'cept it's on the arm of a fellow podcaster!
Adam Pearson of The 20 MB Doctor Who Podcast sent in Tattoo located on his left forearm.

Not bad, Adam...not bad!
And speaking of The Seal Of Rassilon, Terrence Keenan sent in this doozie of a DWT on his right shoulder.

And, get's about 6 inches in diameter!!! YOWZA!!!

Here's a nice Tardis from Mary of Orlando. I joked not long ago about 'tramp stamps' and looks what happens!
I find one! (by the way, Mary in NOT a 'tramp', just a BIG fan of Doctor Who!)

This one is on the forearm of Moni from Las Cruces, NM.
She says it's not finished, but wow...still looks good to me!
Thanks, Moni!


Send in your WHO Tattoo and we'll make sure to add it to this post!
AND, make sure to check back often, because Tara will be getting her tattoo this week!
We'll have photos!

Lewis B.

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