Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Nine: Time Zone?? What Time Zone?!?

Welcome to Episode Nine of The Happiness Patrol! Spanning four different Time Zones and two continents we start with a very special report from our own Tara W. (seen below riding pig) from misty Seattle Washington! Tara had a chance to check out The Science Fiction Museum and gives The Happiness Patrol the low down!
While in Seattle, Tara also found this on the side of a Toyota belonging to a Mr. David Miller.

PLUS, have you ever wondered if Sci-Fi was better in the UK or the US??? Well, we here at the Patrol tackle that hefty subject with surprising results.

So sit back, relax and get ready to warp into action as Lela, Tara, Lewis and Dale try to find out if 'Quark' is better than 'Metal Micky'!
OH, and by the way, the total run time on this episode is a record breaking 1 hour 19 minutes! PERFECT for that work commute!

The Happiness Patrol Episode Nine: Time Zone??? What Time Zone?

1 comment:

  1. Trek smells - 'nuff said... ;)

    But OMG!!! The Tomorrow people! Loved that show. Got to see the rehearsals for the last stories as my mum was the tea-lady... :D

    As for Anderson: much prefer to read "Doctor Who: The Indestructible Man".

    Blake Seven: Glynis Barber - yuck!

    Space1999: my mate's uncle is Nick Tate, and Troughton was in it, sooooo... ;)