Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Wishes Team Member Lela S. a HAPPY 18th Birthday!!

If you listen to The Happiness Patrol, you might notice a young voice chiming in every so often with an insightful comment here and there...a voice that balances out the ZANINESS of Dale, the EXCITEMENT of Tara and the DUMBFOUNDING of Lewis.
That voice belongs to Lela S. And on New Year's Day, she regenerated along with The Doctor!
So we here at The Happiness Patrol wanted to take time out and wish our youngest member a very happy birthday!
Lela brings to the table a sense of newness to Doctor Who Fandom...Lela is the direction of new WHO fans since Russell T. Davies brought back the show in 2005. It's always nice to get her opinion and views and have her juxtaposed to old Who fans like the Dale Lewis and Tara!
It's also nice because she puts up with old farts like us! :)
So Happy Birthday Lela! From your fellow Patrolers!
Here's a few photos from Lela's birthday cake adventure that went horribly wrong.
(background info: A TARDIS shaped cake was planned, but, somehow didn't quite make it!)

Lela's Mom Teri looking sad at her MAD baking skills gone south!

Lela doesn't seem to mind! HAPPINESS WILL PREVAIL!!

And, what the Hell...cakes are
for eating....right???

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