Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Happiness Patrol Episode Three: The Waters of Mars Review

On this episode of The Happiness Patrol the gang gives us their two cents on 'The Waters of Mars'. Lewis confesses his love for Liz Sladen. Lela dishes that she will re-generate the same time the doctor does. Dale does his best Frankie Howard impression. PLUS, 101 uses for a dead Adric!
All this and more on Episode Three of The Happiness Patrol!

The Happiness Patrol Episode Three: The Waters of Mars Review

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Lewis B.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Happiness Patrol Episode Two: Interview with Ken Deep

The Happiness Patrol is proud to announce it's very first interview!
Ken Deep joins us to talk about the world of Podcasting and the world of Doctor Who.
And Ken should know, he's the co-host of one of the most popular Doctor Who podcast in circulation today: Doctor Who Podshock.

Ken tells all in a frank and fun conversation with Lewis B. From the first time he saw Tom Baker on his local New York PBS station, the importance of podcasting as a new medium, and yes, even how he feels about hockey & celebrities. Oh yeah...this is gonna be good!
So sit back, relax, and let the happiness begin!

The Happiness Patrol Episode Two: An Interview with Ken Deep

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Happiness Patrol Episode One

Welcome to the very first episode of The Happiness Patrol!
This time The Happiness Patrol explores the issues of gay men in the world of Doctor Who and Sci-Fi in general.
Excitement abounds as we get ready for The Waters Of Mars, the first new Who Episode since EASTER!!!!
John Nathan Turner is remembered fondly, Chicago Tardis is about to host Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook over Thanksgiving weekend.
Dale tells us about his K-9 at the Turkey Read!
All this and more only a click of the mouse away!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is a test of The Happiness Patrol

...this is only a test.

Are You Happy?

This has been a test of The Happiness Patrol.
If this had been an actual podcast, you would have been Happy by now.

Stay Happy.

Happiness Will Prevail

Welcome to The Happiness Patrol...a Doctor Who Podcast featuring your host Lewis B.
Also featured in every episode are my very special co-hosts and correspondents:

Tara W.- TARDIS Builder, Scarf Expert, and downright fun-hearted Who fan!

Dale W.- Lively, witty, UK correspondent with not only two K-9s, but a full sized TARDIS in his flat. How fun!

Lela S.- Cub Reporter Lela S. covers the Doctor Who 'Teen Scene' from the squeaky clean suburbs of Utah with a fresh 'newbie' view on the very old Timelord.

The Happiness Patrol will bring you fun, informative news and views on all things Doctor Who.
We will try to keep the show light-hearted, informative and up-to-date with the latest news from the world of Doctor Who. Within just 30 minutes you will be treated to subjects from Matt Smith sightings to Classic Who reviews as well as Convention updates and other 'WHO' fan group activities.

We are in the process of putting together the first show as of this writing.
You will be able to download each podcast directly from this site, or iTunes.

Stay Happy.
Stay tuned.
Lewis B.