Saturday, February 23, 2013

Episode 103: In Search Of Neve McIntosh

Wow.  Gallifrey One 2013 may be over but is FAR from forgotten!  This year saw 3600 Whovians converge on the LAX Marriott in L.A.  Some as from as far as Australia...some as close by as Orange County!  

The Happiness Patrol did not miss this party!  Nancy A, Michelle H and Lewis B made the trek to be with our PEOPLE.  (the WE)  We were joined by fellow podcaster and all-around super cool chick: Terry Lightfoot of The Dirty Whoers Podcast

Many photos were taken (see our FB page) and many hours of audio were made.  
Please sit back and enjoy our first offering from Gally One 2013.
(this is part one of what might actually turn out to be a three part series)


In this week's Happiness Patrol, Episode 103: In Search Of Neve McIntosh