Thursday, July 28, 2016

Episode 155: Our Summer Special

Hey there gang!  On this edition of The Happiness Patrol, Nancy & Charles are enjoying free beer and chicken wings somewhere south of San Francisco, while Lew and Michelle are melting in the heat of Orlando and Austin.  It's all part of our SUMMERTIME SPECIAL!
A hodgepodge of topics ranging from The 2015 Christmas Special-Husbands of River Song, to
what's going on with Minister of Chance.
Plus, the usual hi-jinks of our crew...back together after a much too long break.
So sit back, relax...or, get your exercise on...or, however you listen, get ready for a good one this week on...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Episode 154: Coconut Water and Other Delights

This time on The Happiness Patrol, we are joined by special guest
Terry Lightfoot from The Dirty Whoers Podcast to help us discuss the
ins and outs of the last three episodes of Season Nine.
YES!  We cover Face The Rave, Heaven Sent and Hell Bound
as we treat these threeas 'The Last Days Of Clara Oswald' trilogy.
It's an extra long listen, clocking in at 1:15,
so I hope you are sitting comfortably.