Monday, November 29, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Six: The Adipose Moment

Sheri S. checks in with us this week fresh from Chicago Tardis with delightful insights of all the goings on and behind the scenes action from the second largest Doctor Who convention in the U.S.
Lela, Dale and Tara have fun with Lela's new puppy and we all wish Karen Gillan a very happy 23rd birthday.
All this and more this week on...

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Six: The Adipose Moment

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ever wonder what we do on our down time???

Seems like each member of The Happiness Patrol has a blog of their own. Recently I thought it might be nice to share these sites with you...sorta providing a bit of insight into what we are like outside of our podcast.
So, here we go!

Let's start off with Tara W.
Tara is a noted scarf affectionado and knitting MAD WOMAN. (but you probably already picked up on that)
Here is her website where is tells all!

It's called

Lela S has a blog where she quotes her mom on occasion (it can be quite funny)
She also dabbles with nature photography (and is quite good)

Zeta Sigma
Things My Mother Says

Dale W has just started a new blog of musings called


...go see it.

Me, well, I just bring you this every week.

See ya!

Lewis B.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Happiness Patrol SPECIAL EDITION: Doctor Who in the USA

On this SPECIAL EDITION of The Happiness Patrol, Tara tells the tale of trekking across the Utah desert in search of a Time Lord.
With her sidekick Lela and hordes of Twitter followers by her side, she does the seemingly impossible...
tracks down the Doctor Who team as they film for the very first time in the USA.

OH, and beware! Snakes and SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

So sit back relax and start knitting, as Tara W. takes you with her

On...The Happiness Patrol SPECIAL EDITION: Doctor Who in the USA

Happy First Anniversary, Happiness Patrol!

Ask me 45 episodes ago if I thought this goofy podcast about Doctor Who would go for six months and I would have been flattered for the compliment. One year later looking back makes me go, 'WOW'...we got lucky.
Thanks to everyone would made this possible...I really could not have done it without each and everyone of you guys! I'd name them but if you are a regular listener of The Happiness Patrol, you already know who they are! (plus, I do a shout out in the podcast!)
And speaking of the podcast, this week we talk about The US filming of Doctor Who in Utah, The BBCA announcement for Christmas, Michelle H. pops in and brings some ROSCOE'S FRIED CHICKEN with her, and Dale tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about Children In Need.

We are very happy this week because not only is it the 1st Anniversary of The Happiness Patrol (Nov 17) it's also the anniversary of Doctor Who. 47 years ago on November 23rd a strange theme came across the airwaves in the UK and a Sci-Fi institution was launched. We are very proud to be a small part of that institution here at The Happiness Patrol.

...oh, and by the way, did I mention The Happiness Patrol was the ONLY DOCTOR WHO PODCAST at the Utah filming location of Doctor Who?? yep. that's the way we roll.
Hear Lela and Tara tell the tale of desert driving across the great American west all for the sake of catching a glimpse of their favorite Time Lord.
So break out the champagne and toast The Happiness Patrol!
Happy First Anniversary, Happiness Patrol!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Happiness Patrol: Tara gets her Doctor! (again!)

A lot of speculation and guess work was involved in finding out where the Doctor Who crew would be filming in Utah in the past weeks. Not to mention the amount of rumors floating around the internet.
Well, we here at The Happiness Patrol put it all together and promised to let you know, as soon as we knew, where the filming was happening.
At the request of The BBC, people were asked not to reveal this info due to disruptions in filming.
We had a very good hunch, but, it could not be, we were going to sit on it until AFTER the filming was completed.

It all came together last night after watching The Craig Ferguson show when Matt Smith let the cat out of the bag when asked where he was filming in Utah.

Monument Valley he said.

So what do you think happened?

Our own Ms Tara W headed out into the high lonesome a'huntin' a Doctor, and she found one.
Tara will have this story and MORE on this week's Happiness Patrol.
(also, we celebrate our first year of podcasting!)
Stay Tuned!

Lewis B.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Four: Tardis of The Desert

The latest update on Doctor Who in Utah is this: there is no update...only unverified rumors of locations and dates.
And until we have facts, I really don't feel comfortable sending anyone into the desert on a wild goose chase.
But when we have facts, we will pass them along. Until then we at The Happiness Patrol welcome the return of Pick Of The Week!
Tara, Lela, Dale and I witter on about Doctor Who Episodes that might just make your day.
We also address Paul McGann and his latest fancy duds.
There is a new Doctor Who Exhibit coming to London in February 2011.
The time change has caused havoc on all of us and our 1st anniversary of The Happiness Patrol Podcast is coming this month!
Oh, and least we forget, we here at The Happiness Patrol have a HOTLINE you can call for feedback!
That's right, you can give us a call and leave a message of any sort. MAYBE you'll make it on the next podcast.
(ya never know!)
The Happiness Patrol Hotline is:
970 325 3569 or 970 DALEK 69

(how cool is that?)

So sit back relax and enjoy this week's episode...

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Four: Tardis of The Desert

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Three and One Half: Zombie Cheerleaders are Easy

It's Halloween 2010 and The Happiness Patrol is having a laid back relaxing day after the parties of the weekend. Lela and Tara are off having fun somewhere in time and space while Dale and Lew are minding the store.
This week, we talk about the most exciting event of the season so far...the appearance of Matt Smith & Katy Manning on The Sarah Jane Adventures!
Also, there's a new Tardis in Brighton, so to speak.
We find out more on the dates of the filming of Doctor Who in Utah and,
give a shout out to fans of The HP!
All this and more as it's a GUYS ONLY edition of...

The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Three and One Half: Zombie Cheerleaders are Easy