Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Happiness Patrol: Gally 2011

This week The Happiness Patrol is jammed packed with drunkards, sexy women, podcasters, actors, writers and fried chicken.
Yes, this is the annual Doctor Who celebration known affectionately as simply GALLY.
Gallifrey One's Catch 22 Doctor Who Convention for 2011 in sunny Los Angeles.
This year's event broke attendance records and the total was something like 2200 Doctor Who fans.

Try to imagine 2200 Doctor Who fans in one place. yeah.

I was greatly pleased to see Tara W, Lela S, Andre T, Nancy A, and Michelle H all together one place.

So come with us as we celebrate Doctor Who in the California sunshine on this week's EXTRA SPECIAL Happiness Patrol.

The Happiness Patrol: Gally 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peter Davison Unravels

Tara W. always comes up with the best ideas.
She's the only person I know who would spend time knitting a Season 18 scarf JUST FOR THE CHANCE that Peter Davison would unravel it. simply amazing.
Special thanks to Michelle H. for the video!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happiness Patrol IMPORTANT NEWS

A few things to bring to the attention of Happiness Patrol listeners.

I have sad news to report.
Happiness Patrol Co-Host Dale Who has decided to leave the podcast to pursue other ventures.
Dale was a HUGE part of the success of The Happiness Patrol and we will miss him dearly as I'm sure most of you guys will also.
We wish him the best in everything...K-9 as well.

I've decided not to edit a podcast this week because, frankly, we didn't have the time to record and edit a podcast while we were all getting our affairs in order to head out to LA for the Gallifrey 22 Doctor Who Convention.

Next week will be our Second Annual Gallifrey Convention report chock full of interviews and general convention mayhem
from Tara, Lela, Andre, Michelle, David and myself so stay tuned for that!

We will be taking a few weeks off to rest and regroup but never fear, we will be back for Season Six!

Does this mean the end of The Happiness Patrol???

Stay tuned to this blog or our Facebook account and watch our twitter feed for info on future Happiness Patrol Episodes.

Thank all of you for listening.
Lewis B.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Middle School Mix Tape: A Podcast Discussion with Steven Schapansky

Another edition of The Happiness Patrol and this week is special. As part of our 'Countdown To Gally' segment, we scored a very nice interview with the man behind Radio Free Skaro, Mr. Steven Schapansky.

Steven and Lew talk about what it takes to put together a successful Doctor Who podcast on a weekly basis and talk 'nuts n bolts' about podcast in general.
Also, It's 'The Lewis and Lela Show' this week as Dale and Tara are out using their sick days! Can Lewis and Lela hold their own without the snappy quick wits of their co-hosts???

Tune in and see on this week's edition of
The Happiness Patrol: Middle School Mix Tape!