Monday, December 24, 2012

Episode 102: Merry Christmas, Baby!

It's that time once again to settle in all nice and cozy and wait for the man in the big blue box to appear!
Merry Christmas Baby from The Happiness Patrol to you!

The Happiness Patrol Episode 102: Merry Christmas Baby!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Episode 101: A New Beginning

This week we sit down and talk to Amelia Pond herself, Miss Caitlin Blackwood.  Also, it's always nice to bump into old friends and catch up a bit...that's what we do with IDW Comics writer Tony Lee.

TARDIS Builders Jen & Scott sit and talk to us about their "special" build for Hurricane Who, and I give my observations on Orlando's only Doctor Who Convention now in their third year.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Episode 100: LIVE with Daphne Ashbrook and Friends

One Hundred Episodes.  Wow.  Recorded live in Orlando Florida with very special guest Ms Daphne Ashbrook along with Lela S, Dale W and your host Lewis B.
Cupcakes, Tardis, Jon Pinto,  geeks aplenty!
It's just another Sunday afternoon with The Happiness Patrol!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Episode 99: Happy Birthday Sam Stone

It's not everyday that Sam Stone's birthday and The Happiness Patrol's recording day line up, but when it does...

Everything falls effortlessly into place as Dale, Lela, Nancy and Lew are joined by the FAB Sam Stone and David J Howe.

Sam's got a few new projects to talk about and David...well, David is just so very entertaining your belly will hurt from laughing so hard!

It's not a Halloween episode (sorry folks) it's a Birthday Party!  This time on

The Happiness Patrol Episode 99: Happy Birthday Sam Stone

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Happiness Patrol's 100th Episode LIVE EVENT!

Come on out and help The Happiness Patrol celebrate 100 episodes!  It's a milestone!
LIVE October 21st in Orlando Florida at 'A Comic Shop'.
The guys at A Comic Shop have let us set up in their wonderful back room/gaming space called 'The Geek Easy'.
There will be cupcakes, the TARDIS, costuming, give-a-ways, Jon Pinto, the entire cast of The Happiness Patrol Podcast skyping in....and,
very special guest:  Ms. Daphne Ashbrook!

It'll be grand!  We'll see you there!

Lewis B.

                                        THE HAPPINESS PATROL'S 100TH EPISODE!!!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Episode 98: It's About Time

Well, it's about time.  About TIME that is for us to have to say farewell to one of the most successful crews the TARDIS has ever know.  It's always hard to say goodbye, and even harder to write a farewell episode and make it as meaningful as this.
We here at The Happiness Patrol have enjoyed most of our time shared with The Ponds...there were some ups and downs, that's for sure, but in the end, I think we may just miss them.  Only Time Will Tell, and it's about time...

On The Happiness Patrol Episode 98: It's About Time

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Episode 97: Three is a Magic Number

Three is a magic number and Dale, Lewis and Lela prove why when discussing this week's Doctor Who story, "The Power Of Three".

Nice little black boxes, UNIT, Rory & Amy & Brian...and all kinds of other stuff

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Episode 96: Sixshooters and Eggships

Whoa Nellie!  What a great show 'A Town Called Mercy' was!  We watched it and had a few different opinions about it, but overall; we loved it.

It's Doctor Who, fer crying out loud, OF COURSE we're gonna love it!

We've only got two more before the Christmas episode, so we need to enjoy every second of it!

Dale, Nancy, Lela and Lewis do their thing this week WAY OUT WEST, so sit back, relax and enjoy...  The Happiness Patrol Episode 96: Sixshooters and Eggships

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Episode 95: RAWR!

Oh buddy!  Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!  We here at The Happiness Patrol are crazy about this one!  So crazy in fact, that we had to bring in a special long time listener of the podcast, Ms. Margaret B. to help us discuss it.

So sit back and enjoy this week's Happiness Patrol Episode 95: RAWR!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Episode 94: Oh Look, Teacups!

It's BACK and better than ever!  Season Seven of Doctor Who returns to our TV Sets and just in time!  

We here at The Happiness Patrol are excited, so join us as we discuss 'Asylum of The Daleks' were the Daleks have an asylum full of, well...DALEKS!

Dale W, Nancy A and Lewis B talk and give personal insight of this first episode of Doctor Who's brand new season!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the jibber-jabber on this week's

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Episode 93: Dale Of The Daleks

It's ALMOST HERE!  The brand new season of DOCTOR WHO!!!  Can't you just feel the excitement???
Well, I can...but I'm not so sure about Dale.  BUT, listen to the podcast and find out why.

WOO-HOO!  Things are looking up for The Happiness Patrol, with the start of a new season means we SHOULD be recording weekly!

(although, we should have been recording weekly to begin sincerest apologies) L.B.


IT'S The Happiness Patrol Episode 93: Dale of The Daleks

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Episode 92: Casper's Friendly Ghost Hunter

Special guest Paul Bradford from the popular show 'Ghost Hunters International' joins us today on The Happiness Patrol and Dale couldn't be more excited!

Also, Nancy A has a surprise for us in the form of her daughter, Olivia A here to tell us all about her adventures at San Diego Comic Con.

TARDIS building talk, K-9 building talk, what's it like to be an International Ghost Hunter and silliness abounds in this week's hour long edition of

The Happiness Patrol Episode 92: Casper's Friendly Ghost Hunter

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Episode 91: The Owl and The Tiki

This week on The Happiness Patrol:

Lew talks to Jon Pinto, Paul Bradford, Scott Temperman and meets Alex Kingston!
Dale totes his TARDIS to London Film And Comic Con.
Michelle has a beer at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse and watches some classic Doctor Who.
AND, there's a TARDIS builder in Miami. freaky.

All this and more on our big honkin' SUMMER TIME SPECIAL...

The Happiness Patrol Episode 91: The Owl and The Tiki

Monday, June 18, 2012

Episode 90: It's LELA DAY!

It's a special day today on The Happiness Patrol.  Today marks the return of our wayward child and un official 'face' of The Happiness Patrol, Ms Lela S.

Lela has been away for awhile because of school, work, and the things that keep an average college age girl busy...LIKE GETTING READY TO GO TO LONDON FOR THE SUMMER!

But we're not jealous, oh no...we are all happy for her.   We get to live vicariously thru her adventures!

So relax with Dale, Nancy, Lewis and Lela as we discuss Lela's trip to the UK, Doctor Who News, and our 'Pick-Of-The-Week'.

It's all cool, and do you know why?
Because THIS week on The Happiness Patrol, IT'S LELA DAY

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Episode 89: I Saw A Flea

Today on The Happiness Patrol, It's Pick Of The Week time again and the gang is in top form while we discuss the ups and downs of BOOM TOWN, IDIOT'S LANTERN and the William Hartnell classic, PLANET OF GIANTS.

Oh, there's also WHO NEWS and laffs-a-plenty on 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Episode 88: Oh, That's The Ambassador From Alpha Centauri

Oh you never know when you get a few bits n bobs from here and there and put them together what's gonna come of it.  Well today on The Happiness Patrol, you are in for a treat.
Dale, Nancy and I talk all about these and other subjects:

Gally rooms and the chaos
Matt Smith's flaming torch
"Death To The Daleks"
Lucy Lu and CBS vs BBC
Firefly and why a certain member of The Happiness Patrol just doesn't like it.
Game of Thrones:  putting sexy back into D&D????

All this and The Ambassador from Alpha Centauri  on this week's episode of The Happiness Patrol!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Episode 87: I Need A Bag Of Chips

This week on The Happiness Patrol, we welcome back PICK-O-THE-WEEK! ...and other stuff is talked about too! IT'S TRUE!
So join Lew, Dale, Nancy and Michelle for another week of fun n sun n Doctor Who.

 (it's all good)

 By the way, I'm hungry.

The Happiness Patrol Episode 87: I Need A Bag Of Chips

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Episode 86: Draw My Dwarf

We're back and we brought Jon Pinto with us!!! Who's Jon Pinto you ask??
Only the coolest new hot-shot artist around! AND he's responsible for the new Happiness Patrol artwork of the gang in front of the Pink TARDIS! Check out his website!

This week Dale and Lew welcome Jon and our Happiness Patrol reporters Michelle H and Sheri S...they bring us special reports of what's shaking in the world of Doctor Who fandom from Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois.

We talk art for art's sake and what it means to be a geeky Doctor Who fan who draws....really well.

OH, and there's a new recording of The HP Theme song. Let us know what you think.

Enjoy the hijinks on The Happiness Patrol Episode 86: Draw My Dwarf

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Episode 85: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Douglas Adams: All Around Good Guy. And it's high time we here at The Happiness Patrol paid our respects to a man that help form the Doctor's sense of humour.
Michelle H joins us from her new home in Austin Texas to help us out this week while Lela starts a new job in the 'real world'!
So if you've never seen 'Shada', 'City of Death', or 'The Pirate Planet'...or hell, the entire Season 17 with Tom Baker, and you only know 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy'...DON'T PANIC! You are in for a real treat!

So sit back, relax and join us on this week's Happiness Patrol: Episode 85: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Happiness Patrol Episode 84: Robot Clock On The Wall

It's PICK OF THE WEEK time again on The Happiness Patrol and we LOVE IT! It's been awhile since we ACTUALLY TALKED ABOUT DOCTOR WHO but never fear, this week we do! So go check out these episodes that Nancy, Lela, Dale and I suggest...even though you've seen them before!


On the week's episode: ROBOT CLOCK ON THE WALL!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Episode 83: David Prowse was in The Time Monster

It's Convention Time again and The Happiness Patrol is busy covering both coasts of the USA! We check in with Nancy A and hear about her adventures at Gally 23 in LA, and Lewis B as his carts his Tardis to MegaCon in Orlando.
Guest visits and more surprises await in this week's editon of The Happiness Patrol.
So sit back, relax and enjoy tales of what you missed on

The Happiness Patrol Episode 83: David Prowse was in The Time Monster

Monday, February 6, 2012

Episode 82: The Chickens of Astrid

"Once upon a time, not long ago, in a land full of magic lived a beautiful young lady who lived all alone, save for her five chickens."
Asleep yet? Wait for comes the good bit: "All alone save for her five chickens and: her big blue TARDIS"

Listen to this week's Happiness Patrol to find out what happened next because this week we are proud to present, Astrid Sillysparrowness, Tardis Builder, Vlogger, chicken owner, and all around nice gal!

Also joining us are special HPers Michelle H and Terry Lightfoot!

So what's all the fuss you might ask??
Well, just watch Astrid's TARDIS diary video on YouTube and then lisen to this week's special interview on...
The Happiness Patrol Episode 82: The Chickens of Astrid

Friday, February 3, 2012

Episode 81: The Eggs Of Rassilon

The Happiness Patrol gets ready for Duck/Rabbit/Convention Season!
And some hungover talk about eggs...

All this silliness and more on this week's exciting addition of...
The Happiness Patrol Episode 81: The Eggs of Rassilon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Episode 80: Don't Forget The Cheese!

This week on The Happiness Patrol we have our first guest of the new year. Please put your hands together for the amazing Mr. Simon Fisher-Becker! (aka Dorium Maldovar, intergalactic black marketeer!)

Sit back and relax as Simon tells all about working on Doctor Who, type-casting in the acting biz, and, um...CHEESE!

This and more on today's Happiness Patrol Podcast!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episode 79: Haunted by The Ghost of George Formby?

Shhhhh...I thought I heard a phantom ukulele. Must be my imagination running wild again.
This week on The Happiness Patrol, we talk about 'The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe'.
(yeah, we liked it!)

The New Year is upon us and 2012 looks like it's blooming for us all!
Send your birthday wishes for our Lela 'The New Year's Baby' S. as she turnes 20! (ah, youth)
Also, get well wishes to K-9 as he gets some well deserved re-working after an 'eventful' weekend.
Lew has a new job, Nancy got a strap for her ukulele, and Dale is, well...DALE! (who could ask for anything more?)

So Happy New Year from all of us and George Formby too!

This week on:
The Happiness Patrol Episode 79: Haunted by The Ghost of George Formby?