Thursday, May 23, 2013

Episode 113: Blind Man's Bluff

Today on The Happiness Patrol, never let the children out of your sight!  And, don't visit your own grave...just a bad idea.

The gang, Lew, Nancy, Michelle and Chas, get some help from Elanor and Tristan as they discuss the powerhouse finale of Season 7b, "The Name of The Doctor".

So sit back and have a cuppa tea and take a listen to...

The Happiness Patrol Episode 113: Blind Man's Bluff

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Episode 112: Cybermites and Welsh Quarries

Nightmare in Silver, I say!  Niel Gaiman I say!  Warwick Davis I say!!
It's you classic base under siege and evil twin episode with Chaz M RIGHT IN MY HOUSE!!!

(drinking all my beer and snugglin' with Gidget!)

It's a good one this week, kids, cuz Nancy A, Michelle H and your lovable host Lewis B. say so.
So sit back, pop open a cold one and join us as we discuss the return of the cybermen on this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 112: Cybermites and Welsh Quarries

Monday, May 6, 2013

Episode 111: Looks Like We Made It

Well, looks like we made it.  The Happiness Patrol is going where we have never been before:  AUDIO COMMENTARY LAND! (which makes for easier editing, I must say...)  We've jumped on the old bandwagon and not a minute too late!  (seems like everyone has been doing this...and for SOMETIME NOW!)
Anywho, Nancy and Lew push the play button and talk over Doctor Who while you are trying to watch it!  and ya know what?  WE HAD A GREAT TIME!  So cue up your copy of 'THE CRIMSON HORROR' and join us, won't you??

On this week's episode of The Happiness Patrol Episode 111: Looks Like We Made It