Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Episode 71: Here to Help

The Happiness Patrol is here to help. Yes, that's right, here to help you wade thru the muck and mire of fandom to the golden path of clarity and good judgement.
And, have you ever wondered how many times we could say 'SHIT' in one podcast???

yeah, right...

This week Lewis and the gang talk about 'Closing Time'.
Craig is back and we're happy about that. AND, CYBERMEN!
(and both brought along small versions of themselves!)

You ready to go toy shopping???
The Happiness Patrol is on this week's podcast...

The Happiness Patrol Episode 71: Here to Help

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode 70: Your Room Is Ready

It's a great week here on The Happiness Patrol because not only do we review a GREAT episode of Doctor Who, we also have a kick-ass guest, Terry Litefoot of 'The Dirty Whoers' Podcast!

What's in your room????
Do you like clowns?
How do you feel about Goldfish??

Join Lela S, Dale W, Nancy A and Lewis B as we delve into the psyche of our fave program this week on

The Happiness Patrol Episode 70: Your Room Is Ready

Monday, September 12, 2011

Episode 69: Amy, Amy, Amy

Oh Amy, Amy, Amy...
Don't it just kill ya??
Amy, Rory and The Doctor meet in a white room and the fun begins.

The Happiness Patrol puts a magnifying glass to it all and Tim Drury joins us from the podcast 'Tim's Take On'.

Also, we officially announce 'The Doctor Who Podcast Exchange Program' were other podcasters trade members with us for an episode and vice versa! WOO-HOO!

Lela is out and about leaving Lew, Nancy and Dale W. to tend the store.

Torchwood, The Girl Who Waited, and other things this week on

The Happiness Patrol Episode 69: Amy, Amy, Amy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Episode 68: Proper English Time

WE'RE BACK! And so is The Doctor!
This episode is jammed packed with goodness and seething with Happiness!
Dale, Lela, Nancy and Lew talk about Hitler in the closet (who would have thunk it?)
Torchwood burning up the screen, and Night Terrors! spooky!
So sit back relax and enjoy the fact that we're back on this week's Happiness Patrol!

Episode 68: Proper English Time