Monday, February 22, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Fourteen: Dimensions in Time

Guests on this week's Happiness Patrol are the editors of "The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who" Anthony Burdge, Jessica Burke, and Dr. Kristine Larsen. Also, Tara and Lewis get ready for Gallifrey 21 in Los Angeles. Plus plenty of choices in this week's 'Pick Of The Week' as the seven of us ramble on about what Doctor Who Episode to watch!
So sit back and enjoy The Happiness Patrol Episode 14: Dimensions in Time!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Thirteen: Luv in the Tardis

Luv in The Tardis!
Yes, 'Luv in the Tardis' is the theme for this week's Happiness Patrol Episode. As the Master would say, "He's always had a thing for Earth girls" HA!
We take a look at this 'thing for Earth girls' while Dale tells us his new favorite insult. Tara has a visit from the folks, as her mom Linda makes a very special appearance. Lela can't understand why her thirteen year old sister gets more Valentines Day gift's than she does...Lewis' cat 'Gidget' finds her way onto the podcast and The Pick of The Week is, well, a little weak.
All this and more as love abounds on this episode of your favorite Doctor Who Podcast, The Happiness Patrol!

Lewis B.

The Happiness Patrol Episode Thirteen: Luv in the Tardis

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The HP Shop is now OPEN!

Well kids, you asked for it, you got it. Just in time Gallifrey 21 in Los Angles! The Official Happiness Patrol Podcast Shop is open. Peruse through t shirts, caps, sweats and unmentionalbles from the comfort of your own computer...or hell, waste time at work, we don't care!

Ye Olde Cafe Press Happiness Patrol Shoppe

Rock On!
Lewis B.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twelve: TARDIS Talk

On this episode of The Happiness Patrol, we talk on and on and on and on about every body's favorite big blue box. The Doctor's time/space machine, The Tardis.
Dale and Tara both have one in their homes. Lewis built one and is building another, and Lela is supposed to get a small one soon!
From the first Doctor to the current Doctor, it's the one thing in Doctor Who that has stayed the same, sorta, for all these's iconic, it reliable, usually, and we love it! WE REALLY LOVE IT!!!!
So, sit back and get ready for this one, it's chock full of tid-bits on the Tardis and it's just over an hour long!

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twelve: Tardis Talk

It's our Valentine to The Tardis!
Lewis B.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

BBC America Promo Videos

Hey Kids!
Doctor Who: The Complete Specials now available on DVD and BluRay.
Check out the special videos from our friends at BBC America!
Lewis B.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Candy Man Can!

Who's gonna bid on this crazy old ALL-SORTS fellow???
He's got a charming disposition, plus, he's quite colorful and would be a great conversation piece for your next cocktail party or family get together!
Well, whoever bids on this AND WINS IT better let The Happiness Patrol know...we'll have you on as a guest.
...and maybe even give you a Happiness Patrol T-shirt!

Check out The Candy Man costume and other Doctor Who stuff at Bonham's Auctions.

The Happiness Patrol

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Eleven: Left Overs

On this episode of The Happiness Patrol:
I gave the kids the weekend off! What does this mean for you the loyal listener??? Well, fear not, I have put together an episode of bits and pieces that you have never heard before!!!! Bits that DIDN'T make the final cut from previous episodes, BUT, they do see the light of day here on THE HAPPINESS PATROL EPISODE ELEVEN: LEFT OVERS.
You'll hear Dale talk about his fear of Zygons, Lew tells a story of Jesus in an ABC Liquors, Tara's Lemon Curd story, and Adric's boner.
All this and more on The Happiness Patrol!

The Happiness Patrol Episode Eleven: Left Overs