Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Happiness Patrol Xmas Special 2013

Merry Xmas Everyone!
We love you!  Now go to bed or Santa Claus won't come!

Lewis, Nancy, Michelle & Charles

Friday, November 29, 2013

Episode 118: The 50th Anniversary Show

50 years of Doctor Who.  Let that sink in for a minute.
Doctor Who on the big screen...in 3d.  Let THAT sink in for a minute.
Doctor Who popular in American mainstream culture?

In today's podcast we, The Happiness Patrol, go to the screening of The Day Of The Doctor and sync up over three countries, two continents and and six cities to bring you fan reaction of this momentous event from across the globe. 

Michelle H has an intimate sit down talk with Sylvester McCoy recorded at L.I. Who.

Musical guest 'John Smith and The Common Men' perform today on

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Happiness Patrol Episode 117: Four Years and Terrance Dicks

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!  Today The Happiness Patrol Podcast turns four!
To help us celebrate, Terry Lightfoot dropped in from her podcast, 'The Dirty Whoers' and the fun began!

Also, we are hot on the heels of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and we took some time to catch up with the delightful Mr. Terrance Dicks.  Terrance Dicks is well known for his long time involvement with Doctor Who as Script Editor during the Pertwee years and has written many Target novelizations of Doctor Who stories starting from the 70's and continuing to today.
Join us as we sit and have a beer with The Delightful Mr. Dicks on today's very special

The Happiness Patrol Episode 117: Four Years and Terrance Dicks

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Missing Episodes Episode

The big news is out and everyone is excited!  Here at The Happiness Patrol we are too!  IT SHOWS!  (a little too well in some areas)
BUT THAT'S OK!  We got two new Troughton Stories and that's ALWAYS a good thing!

So sit back relax and have a cold one as we give you the skinny on the scoop!

The Happiness Patrol: The Missing Episodes Episode

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Episode 116: What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Well, It's been a relaxing break; busy, but relaxing!  This long awaited episode is all you'll ever want to know about The Happiness Patrol and what we do with our down time!

Lots of fun to be had so let's get right to it, shall we??

YOU need to know what we did on our Vacation!

The Happiness Patrol Episode 116: What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Happiness Patrol Special: The New Doctor

We witnessed an unprecedented world wide TV event on August 4th, 2013...the unveiling of the actor who will play the 12th incarnation of The Doctor.
Never have SO MANY Whovians been parked in front of the TV WORLD WIDE AT THE SAME TIME as that day.

That boggles the minds here at Happiness Patrol HQ.

So much so that Charles, Michelle and Lew had to come out of their summer hibernation to talk about it.

So sit back and enjoy The Happiness Patrol Special: The New Doctor

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Happiness Patrol Episode 115: Three's a Charm

Sam Stone is back to talk to us about what she's been up to lately.
Dan Starkey and Pamela Salem chat with us while in town for Hurricane Who's Summer Night event.
Nancy is in Canada with Charles...Lew's in Orlando and Michelle is in Texas doing things normal Texans might not understand!  (but we're The Happiness Patrol, it's how we roll)

So sit back and enjoy the conversations on this edition of
The Happiness Patrol Episode 115: Three's a Charm

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episode 114: The Welsh Jury

David J Howe is with us this episode as we talk about Season 7b and wrap it all up.
Not an easy task.  We talked for over three hours and unfortunately, had to cut out quite a bit including our talk with Sam Stone.

(don't worry folks, Sam will be with us for Episode 115!)

So clocking in at just over one hour, this is a long one, but well worth the listen because we touch base on almost every issue (good and bad) in this season, and David is right there with us giving his take on Season 7B of Doctor Who!

So relax and take a load off, and push PLAY for this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 114: The Welsh Jury

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Episode 113: Blind Man's Bluff

Today on The Happiness Patrol, never let the children out of your sight!  And, don't visit your own grave...just a bad idea.

The gang, Lew, Nancy, Michelle and Chas, get some help from Elanor and Tristan as they discuss the powerhouse finale of Season 7b, "The Name of The Doctor".

So sit back and have a cuppa tea and take a listen to...

The Happiness Patrol Episode 113: Blind Man's Bluff

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Episode 112: Cybermites and Welsh Quarries

Nightmare in Silver, I say!  Niel Gaiman I say!  Warwick Davis I say!!
It's you classic base under siege and evil twin episode with Chaz M RIGHT IN MY HOUSE!!!

(drinking all my beer and snugglin' with Gidget!)

It's a good one this week, kids, cuz Nancy A, Michelle H and your lovable host Lewis B. say so.
So sit back, pop open a cold one and join us as we discuss the return of the cybermen on this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 112: Cybermites and Welsh Quarries

Monday, May 6, 2013

Episode 111: Looks Like We Made It

Well, looks like we made it.  The Happiness Patrol is going where we have never been before:  AUDIO COMMENTARY LAND! (which makes for easier editing, I must say...)  We've jumped on the old bandwagon and not a minute too late!  (seems like everyone has been doing this...and for SOMETIME NOW!)
Anywho, Nancy and Lew push the play button and talk over Doctor Who while you are trying to watch it!  and ya know what?  WE HAD A GREAT TIME!  So cue up your copy of 'THE CRIMSON HORROR' and join us, won't you??

On this week's episode of The Happiness Patrol Episode 111: Looks Like We Made It

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Episode 110: Rick Wakeman Doesn't Live Here

Journey to the center of the TARDIS anyone?  NOT IF THERE'S A ZOMBIE MAN CHASING ME!!  
This week Nancy, Michelle, Lew and Chaz take a look at Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS and you get to hear the opinion of the crew as they take apart the TARDIS BIT BY BIT!
HEY, there's even a Welsh Quarry!
All on this week's Happiness Patrol...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Episode 109: Peter D Thinks I'm Cool

Peter does think I'm cool and don't you forget it!  Oh, and by the by "HIDE" was great!   Just take a listen to what Happiness Patrollers Lew, Nancy, Michelle and Chaz thought of it.
Where's Dale you ask?  I think I last saw him heading deep into the TARDIS...said something about cheese on toast.   Meanwhile, you guys are stuck with the girls and me!
So sit back, relax, and slip your headphones on for this week's episode...

Peter D Thinks I'm Cool

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Episode 108: Doctor Who and The Canadian

Greetings fellow Whovians!  This week on The Happiness Patrol we are proud to introduce our newest member, Mr. Chas M.  Chas is a longtime fan of all things WHO and we here at The Happiness Patrol couldn't be...well, HAPPIER!

Join Lewis, Nancy, Michelle, and Chas as we talk about this week's episode "COLD WAR".

It's fun, it's great, it's an all new Happiness Patrol!!!

The Happiness Patrol Episode 108: Doctor Who and The Canadian

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Episode 107: Welcome to the Snogbox

Changes, changes...seems to be the only thing constant these days and we at The Happiness Patrol are not immune.
Our very own Dale Who has decided to leave the podcast to pursue other interests. Dale has been a huge part of the success of the podcast and will be sorely missed. Those of you who have been regular listeners have come to look forward to his witty comments and piss-takes on everything from "Doctor Who Fans," "Ukulele Music," and "Uncle Lew's Singing" episode after episode. But it's all in good fun...because I have never met a bigger advocate for the program itself. Time and time again, he has been the champion of Doctor Who.
So this week we say a fond farewell to our cohort from across the pond AND Lewis, Nancy, and Michelle discuss The Rings of Akhaten all on this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 107:Welcome to the Snogbox

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Episode 106: The Girl From The Future

The bells!  THE BELLS!  They toll for you and me.  Wasn't the TARDIS just beautiful in this one?  We thought so...and not just the TARDIS...everyone was smashing in The Bells Of Saint John.

Joining Lewis, Nancy, and Michelle this week are our new correspondents, Elanor M.J. from Australia and our new Los Angeles  reporter, Tristan E.   We are looking forward to many fun reports from them IN THE FUTURE!

But now, sit back and relax because THE FUTURE IS NOW on this week's Happiness Patrol

Episode 106: The Girl From The Future

Friday, March 29, 2013

Episode 105: Fun with Typing

This week on The Happiness Patrol Dale, Lela, Nancy and Lew are all back together and SO excited for the brand new episode of Doctor Who with the BRAND NEW COMPANION!!!

So sit back, relax, slip on the headphones and pretend you don't have to go to work on this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 105: Fun with Typing

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Episode 104: The Simply Lovely June Hudson

Some people you meet in life are just the 'real thing'.  Genuine true souls who are simply lovely.
The Happiness Patrol was lucky to meet not just one, but a few such people at Gallifrey One Convention this year.
June Hudson is the designer of the now iconic Season 18 scarf worn by Tom Baker during his tenure as the Doctor.  Not only did she dress a Time Lord but her muse was a Time Lady as you will hear as we sit down with her for a chat on this week's Happiness Patrol.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Episode 103: In Search Of Neve McIntosh

Wow.  Gallifrey One 2013 may be over but is FAR from forgotten!  This year saw 3600 Whovians converge on the LAX Marriott in L.A.  Some as from as far as Australia...some as close by as Orange County!  

The Happiness Patrol did not miss this party!  Nancy A, Michelle H and Lewis B made the trek to be with our PEOPLE.  (the WE)  We were joined by fellow podcaster and all-around super cool chick: Terry Lightfoot of The Dirty Whoers Podcast

Many photos were taken (see our FB page) and many hours of audio were made.  
Please sit back and enjoy our first offering from Gally One 2013.
(this is part one of what might actually turn out to be a three part series)


In this week's Happiness Patrol, Episode 103: In Search Of Neve McIntosh