Friday, March 29, 2013

Episode 105: Fun with Typing

This week on The Happiness Patrol Dale, Lela, Nancy and Lew are all back together and SO excited for the brand new episode of Doctor Who with the BRAND NEW COMPANION!!!

So sit back, relax, slip on the headphones and pretend you don't have to go to work on this week's

Happiness Patrol Episode 105: Fun with Typing


  1. Halp! I can't download this ep from iTunes, due to some sort of error with lots of numbers; I think it's been taken over by the WI-FI!!!1!!

    Your devoted listener (yep, you have at least one),


  2. You can always listen here, Korina...we don't mind! Or Hell, shoot us an email and I'll personally will send you the mp3 as an attachment!

  3. Hi Korina! We've fixed the iTunes feed! We hope you enjoy the episode. Please let us know if you have any more problems.