Monday, January 17, 2011

Episode 52: High Ho! Dodo Chaplet

On our 'Countdown To Gally' we have a special guest, Ms Sarah Falk! She's here to discuss costuming at Gallifrey 22 and has lots of tips for that amazing Dodo Chaplet outfit you're planning.
Lela makes a new friend while Tara and Dale bring us Doctor Who DVD news all on this week's Happiness Patrol Podcast!
It's so cool you'll want to invite old Uncle Alfred!
So what are you waiting for Happiness Patrolers?
Get ready for...

Episode 52: High Ho! Dodo Chaplet


  1. Sorry we missed opaths on this podcast. Something I wanted to point out though was how the cosplay movement went from zero to Hero in the last 5 years or so at Gallifrey One. (A trend I noticed more or less at other cons like SDCC and D*C as well). Consider that there was virtually no cosplaying of any kind in 2005 and 2006 with no Masquerade. Then in 2007 Cosplaying came back- we had around 15 cosplayers. In 2008 that doubled to about 35 cosplayers and the Masque returned to Sat at Gally. It doubled again in 2009 with nearly 75 cosplayers. And last year in 2010 there was a little over 100 cosplayers and the Masque became bigger and better. I expect it to only be even better this year.