Monday, May 30, 2011

Episode 65: Cat Food Option

Hello, and welcome to The Happiness Patrol.
It's the un-official start of summer here in the states as we record this episode on Memorial Day.
So pull out the hot dog buns and fire up the grill, cuz this week's HP has
'out-of-school-hit-the-pool-go-to-the-beach' all over it as we goof off on
The Almost People.
Rock on.

It's The Happiness Patrol Episode 65: Cat Food Option


  1. Love your podcasts...especially liked the agreement you all shared in the last one ('The Almost People') concerning the idea of Matt Smith starring in his own show which would feature BOTH I whipped this up for you all...

    Hope it brings you some...well, HAPPINESS, of course...;)

    Keep up your very entertaining work, it is much appreciated...

    -Kevin Karstens
    USA Whovian

  2. Did you guys see that Tara and her crack team of Utah knitting-commandos got a mention (if not by name) from Alex Kingston on Monday night's The Graham Norton Show?