Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 67: SNAKES ALIVE!!

It's our Season 6 MID-POINT Wrap-Up show! The Happiness Patrol is FULL of opinions and a lot of other stuff as we talk about Moffat and Company's most exciting season so far!
Dale, Lew, Nancy & Lela join Tara (from an airlock at Starbuck's somewhere near Los Alamos) to review/discuss it all!
PLUS: Ten Year Old Tony tells it like it is!
PLUS: SNAKES! uh, yeah.

All this and more on The Happiness Patrol Episode 67: SNAKES ALIVE!!


  1. It's all about degrees of happiness, Dale sweetheart, not happiness or sadness. We still enjoy it because it's DW and what's not to love? But we moan when it falls below perfection for two reasons:

    Firstly because we remember it as being perfect when we were little and, after all, what is watching DW if not an attempt to recapture our childhood? Clearly this doesn't apply to anyone whose childhood was amputated by Michael Grade.

    Secondly, because THP would grow a little stale if every episode review consisted of "Sigh - I loved it."

    Of course it's a story arc and won't be complete until the end of the season, but you shouldn't use that as a get out of jail free card for the first half of 2011's series. The problem with this year is that individual episodes (or two-parters) lack a satisfactory sense of internal cohesiveness because much more is left unexplained than usual even in New Who series arcs and so much is referring back to previous episodes. No problem with that except that there ought to be a more driving sense of series cohesiveness to replace what's missing from individual episodes and I don't think that we have it.

  2. As for your attempt to diss Private Eye, of course it doesn't have a huge readership. Those who are not purblind are not in the majority in the UK. The majority will always cleave to the lowest common denominator. That's why it's called the LCD.