Friday, June 27, 2014

Episode 124: All Teeth and Curls

Today is the day: time to talk about my very favorite Doctor.  Tom Baker.  If you are American, like myself, it's quite possible, if you are a certain age group, you spent after school hours in front of the local PBS station watching Tom and Liz on some alien planet battling some fiendish foe.  The Big Blue Box, the Large White Control Room, the Big Floppy Hat, and of course, the seemingly endless multi colored scarf.  Seeing this for the first time blew my mind.  WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY AND WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING???  We only got one episode a day with the Classic Series, and, depending on what part you were watching, there was no telling how confused you might be.

Hell, I ate it up.  

So let me stop right here and let you guys listen to Nancy, Michelle, Chaz and me natter on about Tom Baker on this week's episode of 

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