Monday, June 21, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Nine: Doctor in a Box

It's DOUBLE-ISSUE time here at The Happiness Patrol!
Lots to cover! The Lodger reviewed! The Pandorica Opens reviewed! Tara BACK IN TEXAS! Dale GOTTA NEW ROOF FOR HIS TARDIS! Lela has RUN OUT OF JELLY BABIES! Lewis STILL NEEDS A FULL TIME JOB!!!
It's nothing if not a party on this episode of The Happiness Patrol!

Hey kids: remember the contest to win the first three issues of Doctor Who Weekly from 1979???
It's still going on and you only have five days left to get your entry in to us here at The Happiness Patrol!!!!
Email your version of the season finale of Doctor Who and who ever comes the closest to Steven Moffat's version WILL WIN!
Deadline: 6/26/10 at 4pm London time.

Make sure you tune in to next week's Happiness Patrol RIGHT HERE to find out who won!

So let's get on with it, huh???
Sit back relax and fetch yourself something to drink because you are just a click away from

The Happiness Patrol Episode Twenty Nine: Doctor in a Box!


  1. Liz 10's appearance is because they slowed down her aging, You can tell she's a bit older now because there are streaks of white on her hair.

  2. A professional giving out??? Hey-ho... ;)

    Love the Clarkson theory, and so nice you gave me a name-check (I'll let you figure that one out).

    And Dale said ZYGONS!!! Brave boy he is...

  3. Dale W. was wrong. There was a companion-light episode before: Midnight. Also, The Deadly Assassin had no companion... And in the Hartnell era, there were single episodes where the actor was on vacation and their character either didn't appear in the episode other than dialog references or appeared only in the film inserts and not the studio video scenes.