Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Happiness Patrol Give Away Contest!

You could win the first 3 issues of Doctor Who Weekly COMPLETE with the stickers!
Yes, you heard right, we here at The Happiness Patrol are having a contest.
All you have to do is time travel PAST June 26th 2010 and come back with the storyline of how this season of Doctor Who will end.

If you come the closest to the actual story line, you win the prize! It's just that easy.
WHAT? You don't have a TARDIS? Well, just take a stab in the dark, write it down in an email and send it to The Happiness Patrol.

Ok, there are just a couple so I'll make it quick.
1) Contest entries must come to us by June 26.
2) Steven Moffat is not eligible to win.
3) NO using spoilers from web sites! (Dale will be checking!)

Ok, we will read our email entries on each Happiness Patrol and announce the winner on the show we record on June 27.

Any questions, email us.
Have fun!
Get creative.
Win 30 year old comic books!

Lewis B.
Happiness will prevail.

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