Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Birthday Time!

Here at The Happiness Patrol we strive to bring you the most entertaining Doctor Who podcast we can! Every week we report on the latest news from Doctor Who Fandom.

The Happiness Patrol is a collective group of informative folk who all started as Facebook friends. Tara and Lewis were members of the original 'Tardis Rebuilders' forum started by Mr. Dale Who.

Dale is an AMAZING man and The Happiness Patrol is EXTREMELY lucky to have him on board as co-host! Each week we are totally in awe of the amount of information about Doctor Who Dale possesses in his head!
Not only is he a Tardis rebuilder, Dalek driver, K-9 owner (and does a spot on impersonation of our beloved tin dog)
He is also a most beloved friend of Lela, Tara and mine.

People need to know this because Dale, turns an unknown age today!
Unknown because being a Timelord himself, it can be quite troublesome keeping up with all the comings and goings and timey-whimy business of birthdays!

BUT, we do know this:

Today is Dale's birthday!

So join us in raising a glass to celebrate the birthday of our favorite Happiness Patroller!
Happy Birthday Dale!
Here's to many more!

The Happiness Patrol!

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